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            XCMG HAVAN G9 530PS 6X4 Tractor NXG4260D5WC

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            Technical Parameter
            Model XCMG HAVAN G9 530PS 6X4 Tractor NXG4260D5WC
            Overall Dimensions(mm) 6874X2500X3940
            Payload Weight(kg) 40000
            Driving Type 6X4
            Max Speed(km/h) 110
            Wheelbase(mm) 3200+1350mm
            Engine Model WP13.530E501
            Engine Displacement(L) 12.54
            Engine Max Power(kw) 390
            Engine Max Torque(N.m) 2500N·m/1000-1400rpm
            Emission Standard Euro 5/National 5
            Tank Volume(L) 700
            Rear Axle 18000kg
            Tire 295/80R22.5
            Product Details


            HANVAN G9 is a high-end product developed by XCMG. Relying on top configuration and top security and comfort, G9 has been highly praised by dealers and end users since its launch. The order comes one by one and HANVAN once falls short of supply. It has been seen as a “top heavy truck” by users. Over recently, with the rapid development of economy and logistics transportation, HANVAN G9 has become a “new favorite” in response to high demands for effective high-end logistics vehicles due to its overall high performance in safety, efficiency and comfort.


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