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            Dongfeng Sold 32,544 Units Trucks in Q1

            April 22,2020

            On April 13, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Dongfeng) sold 32,544 units mid- and heavy-duty trucks in the first three months this year.

            In March alone, Dongfeng’s sales volume of mid- and heavy-duty trucks reached 16,374 units (15,333 units heavy-duty trucks and 1,041 units mid-duty trucks), up by 718% compared with the sales volume in February this year.

            According to the truck manufacturer, its daily production volume has reached 720 units. In contrast, its daily production volume was only about 600 units in the same period last year.

            In March, China’s sales volume of heavy-duty trucks reached 120,000 units, up by 219.1% month on month, and down by 19.4% year on year. Among the top 10 players in China’s heavy-duty truck market, Dongfeng reclaimed its second place in the list.

            Despite the negative impacts of the COVID-19, Dongfeng aims to increase its production volume to 60,000 units in the second quarter this year.

            In 2019, Dongfeng sold 186,000 units mid- and heavy-duty trucks, up by 8.31% year on year.

            Source : www.chinatrucks.com

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